Next Generation Digital Workplace

DEON is a pioneering productivity tool for team collaboration. It helps enterprises to meet the requirements of the Next Generation Workplace.

Support distributed and flexible workforces.

DEON merges face-to-face and virtual cooperation. It helps businesses that depend on quick and precise communication, whether face-to-face in meeting rooms, virtual from the workplace or mobile.

Save time, travel costs and boost productivity.

Reduce the need for in-person meetings, while improving the quality and productivity of phone and video conferences.

Increase efficiency and accelerate processes by:

  • reduction of repetitive user actions
  • faster retrieval of files and information
  • more productive work
  • more productive meetings

Agile working and creativity.

Design thinking, Scrum, Kanban, lean management?

Companies have to change their rigid processes to increase organizational agility and remain competitive. The proven method to deal with our fast-changing business world in a productive and creative way is agility.

Agile companies require agile tools. DEON brings agility to knowledge-work and collaboration while preserving the existing IT infrastructure. It helps both organizations and individuals to be more innovative, creative and productive.

Turn your existing software environment into an agile future workplace.

IT infrastructure

DEON runs from the Cloud, your Dedicated Cloud Server or On-Premise on your own network. It's your choice!

No redundant data

DEON can keep your contents linked to the original source, whether they are on a local drive, on a network share or on a SharePoint server. All contents remain up-to-date, even if they are edited outside DEON.