Free DEON accounts during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis

We are observing a rapidly increasing demand, as DEON provides significant advantages in the new work situations. At the same time, the economic pressure on many businesses and individuals is enormous due to the Corona virus.

To support aid projects, NGOs, education, freelancers and SMEs without additional economic burden, we decided to provide them free DEON premium cloud accounts until and including June 2020.

We hope that this measure will make a meaningful contribution to bridging this challenging phase.

After the free premium period, these accounts can be downgraded to the free version or deleted free of charge or switched to regular licenses. No costs will be charged unless the user orders a paid plan.

To create your free premium account:

  1. Send an email with the subject CRISISBRIDGE to You don’t need to wait for a reply.
  2. Create a free account here:
    Please make sure to use the same email address for your account as your sender address for the email in step 1.
  3. You will receive an activation email. Please click the activation link.
  4. Download and install DEON.
  5. Please check this tutorial to get started.