The next level of Visual Collaboration

Far beyond Whiteboarding
But just as easy

Welcome to the next level of digital work and collaboration! DEON integrates countless systems and formats in a universal workspace.
From Microsoft 365 with MS Teams, O365, Sharepoint and OneDrive to Google, Atlassian, SalesForce and any open source solutions. Do anything you want! Including Whiteboarding😉

Integrate anything at zero cost

The new DEON Metabrowser Engine is unique in the market. Just drag and drop anything that runs in a browser. DEON is your universal visual aggregator! Even proprietary systems can now be used side by side with other sources and in team collaboration! Boost the value of your existing tools while saving money!

Radically Simple – Exceptionally Powerful

Learning DEON takes only 30 minutes and the simple core principle opens up countless use cases. Developed for large enterprises, DEON meets the highest standards for performance, reliability and security.

Use Cases


DEON has completed a TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) assessment.
This standard represents a consistent, standardized approach to information security systems for the automotive industry in Europe.

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