The Visual Collaboration Platform

All your files and tools
on one Infinite Canvas

Welcome to the next generation of digital work and collaboration! DEON integrates with a rapidly growing number of systems and formats. Especially in the Microsoft Ecosystem with MS Teams, O365, Sharepoint and OneDrive. Start using your familiar tools in a new visual way!

Let your vision do the work

DEON is designed to better exploit human visual cognitive capabilities to boost creativity, simplify complexity, find things faster, memorize better and understand context.

Radically Simple – Exceptionally Powerful

Learning DEON takes only 30 minutes and the simple core principle opens up countless use cases. Developed for large enterprises, DEON meets the highest standards for performance, reliability and security.

Use Cases


DEON has completed a TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) assessment.
This standard represents a consistent, standardized approach to information security systems for the automotive industry in Europe.

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