Automated Project Backup

The backup feature allows you to automatically create chronological backups of certain Projects. These Projects are saved locally as .join files to a storage of your choice.
This comes in handy if you want to safeguard mobile server setups without a connection to a cloud server.

The backup feature will always save all existing projects of the logged in User.

Typically you would use a dedicated PC as backup device, log in with a certain “Backup”-User and start the backup feature by pressing Ctrl+B in the DEON Homescreen.
All Projects that you share with this User will then be backed up continiously.

You can adjust the backup interval in minutes.

Backup retention defines, how many backup generations will be preserved until the oldest backup will be deleted automatically to save storage space.

A new folder will be created for each existing Project of the user. The folder is named after the Project-ID because the name of the Project itself could change over time.
Inside each folder you will find the backed up stages of that Project ending with its revision number. The revision number indicates the count of changes that a Project has undergone since its creation. The most recent version of a Project will have the highest revision number.

NOTE: A backup is only created if a Project has changed.

To terminate the backup process log out from DEON or right click the DEON tray icon and choose “Exit”