Delete items outside a selection

In rare cases some content might end up at a very distant coordinate in the workspace. In such a case you might see a black space when DEON tries to display the whole (extremely large) Project.
This function helps you to quickly “fix” Projects that contain objects at extreme coordinates:

  1. Load the project in question
  2. Use the search function (Ctrl+F) to look for something (e.g. “a”) and double-click on a search-result to center it in the viewport.
  3. Zoom out so far that you can see the whole Project.
  4. Select the entire area that is “correct” (Draw a selection frame around the whole Project content).
  5. press Ctrl+Del (On german Keyboards Strg+Entf). This will delete everything that is not selected. In this case all contents that are somewhere at a very distant coordinate.

Now the Project should work as desired again.