Offline Projects and Templates

General usage

There are multiple reasons why you might want to save Projects or Templates to files:

  • For offline editing
  • For transferring Projects or Templates from one DEON Server or DEON Tenant to another
  • As a backup

Downloading Projects

  1. In your Projectlist select one or more Projects (Hold Shift or Ctrl to select multiple Projects at once).
    With Templates you can do the same inside your Library.
  2. Right click and choose “Save As…” in the Projectlist or “Export” in the Library.

Keep in mind that the downloaded Projects or Templates are copies of the originals without any relation between them. The original Projects stay on the Server. If the Projects on the Server have been shared with other users, that information will not be saved. If you plan to upload the Projects later, you will have to share them again with those users if you like.

Offline editing

To edit a downloaded Project or Template, simply double click the downloaded .join or .deon file. You don’t need any connection to a DEON Server for offline editing. You can do that without any network connection.

Keep in mind, that changes are not automatically saved during offline editing. You have to press the “Save” button in the top left corner to update the file.

Uploading to a DEON Server

  1. In your Projectlist click the “Import” Button (No matter if you are uploading Projects or Templates).
  2. Select one or more Projects (Hold Shift or Ctrl to select multiple Projects at once) and click “Open”

Keep in mind that Projects or Templates with identical names like existing ones on the Server will not be merged or overwritten. After downloading and uploading a Project to the same Server or Tenant you will have two copies of that Project. However you can copy/paste between those Projects if you want to manually merge changes you made during offline editing. To do so, open both Projects side by side and use Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+X) and Ctrl+V.
If the Project you downloaded was shared to other users, you will also have to share it again after uploading because that information is not saved during the download.