Technical Specs for Server and Client

Client: Currently supported Platforms

  • PC Win 7,8,10 2GB RAM (>4GB recommended), 64bit OS recommended.
    The DEON Client comes as an .msi installer package and alternatively as .exe
    – Hardware independend.
    – Resolution and Aspect ratio independent from small mobile screens up to giant HiRes powerwalls.
    – Supports Mice, Trackpads, Multitouch-Screens and projections, Styluses with pressure sensitivity   and MS Kinect V2 Gesture Control.
  • iOS Lite (iPhone, iPad) for sending content and participating in votings.
  • iOS (iPad) for viewing and editing Projects is available on the App Store.
  • Web Lite Client (sending Sticky Notes to Projects and participating in votings. No editing or viewing of Projects)
  • Webclient for viewing and editing Projects is currently in Public BETA.
  • macOS is currently in Public Public BETA stage.


Available options:

  • Cloudserver operated by DEON (Hosted in Europe)
  • On-Premises (Deon Server operated by the customer internally or in a dedicated Cloud)

Prerequisites for On-Premises installations:

  • Windows Server 2016 (or higher). Can be VM.
  • IIS 10 or higher
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher
  • MS-SQL recommended. Recommended minimum Size: 1GB
    Note: If no MS-SQL Server is available, the DEON Server installer includes the option to install a PostgreSQL Server.
  • A valid SSL-Certificate needs to be installed.
  • Currently, only domain-Authentication is supported, so the server should be included in the domain before the DEON installation. OpenID authentication will be in the future.

Recommended server resources:


  • Easy-to-use Server Installer Wizard
  • Active Directory Single Sign-On (OpenID authentication will be available soon)
  • Web-Based Server Administration Interface
  • Flexible client deployment: Integrated, SCCM, baramundi, etc.
  • MS Sharepoint (both SharePoint Online and OnPrem), OneDrive and Google Docs support


Please visit DEON On-Prem security.


The DEON REST-API allows the interaction with external applications.
GET and POST Web requests allow the retreival and transfer of commands and data.
Data is transferred by using JSON objects.

Web integration

All Web-based applications can be executed directly inside the zoomable DEON Workspace.
The embedded Webbrowsers supports HTML5 and WebGL.