DEON on Microsoft Surface Hubs 84

You can currently use DEON on Microsoft Surface Hubs in two ways:

  1. Run it on the built-in PC as UWP App
    DEON is available as UWP App in the Microsoft Store here.
    No need of an additional PC.
    Because the Universal Windows Platform has several technical restrictions, The DEON UWP Version is not as powerful as the normal DEON Windows Version. Many features are not available and the performance is limited.
  2. Run it on an external PC and switch the Hub to Replacement-PC-Mode
    This will give you the full performance and all features of the DEON Windows Version.
    IMPORTANT: To achieve the high refreshrate of 120Hz at the full UHD resolution of 3.840×2160 you will need to switch the Surface Hub 84 to “Replacement-PC-Mode”. Without this you can only use the “Guest-Mode” which will allow a maximum of 30Hz at full resolution. The Multitouch and Stylus operation at 30Hz is almost unusable.
    You can switch back from Replacemet-PC-Mode to normal mode at any time without loosing any configurations.
What you need to run a Surface Hub 84 in Replacement-PC-Mode:
  • A PC with two video outputs capable of displaying four DisplayPort 1.2-Streams (two streams per cable)
  • Two video cables from the PC (DP or mini DP or USB-C Thunderbolt 3 or mixed) to the two Displayport inputs of the Surface Hub. Short cables (<=2m) recommended.
  • A USB cable to use touch, stylus, cameras and the microphone array of the Surface Hub.
Connecting the Surface Hub 84 in Replacement-PC-Mode:
  1. Switch the Surface Hub off: Shut it down first with the button at the side, then use the main power switch at the bottom next to the power chord to swith it completely off.
    Remove the lid from the Replacement-PC slot at the bottom of the Hub:
  2. Put the small dip switch to Replacement PC mode.
  3. Attach two video cables from the PC (DP or mini DP or USB-C Thunderbolt 3 or mixed) to the two Displayport inputs (Short (<=2m), 4K capable cables recommended). Attach a USB cable from the PC to the “Internal Devices” USB port.
  4. Power up the Surface Hub and choose “PC” as input (Use the input selector button at the side of the Surface Hub). Do not use “DP” as this refers only to the additional single Display Port input.
  5. Power up your PC.
    If the Hub is not automatically recognized at 3840×2160 @ 120Hz:
    Check that you don’t use “duplicate screen” mode in Windows but single screen.
    To check if you are running at 3840×2160 @ 120Hz:
    Search for and open “Display settings”. Scroll down and click “Advanced display settings”.
  6. If touch, stylus, microphone and cameras are not recognized by default you can download the drivers from Microsoft: SurfaceHubReplacementPCDrivers.1.1.003.msi