DEON Windows Client installation and configuration


The DEON Windows client can be configured manually during runtime or via parameters during installation or deployment. The latest client installers are available at

Manual configuration

Manual configuration is done in the client login mask by clicking on Server below the login fields. In the following dialogue, the HTTPS host of the server name is entered and confirmed with OK.

If domain authentication is used, DEON must now be restarted. Once this is done, the logon to the DEON server should will happen automatically with the logged in domain user on the client machine.

Configuration during client installation

You can also set parameters during the installation. The available options differ between the portable (exe) and the MSI installer.

MSI installer:

msiexec /i Deon_Windows-x64_2.9.XX.XXX.msi /q HOSTNAME=HTTPS-Host

The host name (server name) is stored on the client in the Windows registry and can’t be changed manually in the application by the user. However, If you define multiple semicolon-separated host names, the user can choose between them.

HOSTNAMEServer-NameSemicolon separated server names, which serve as default for the client. Manual switching to another different server is then no longer possible.
RUN_NOTIFIER1 (default)Notifier (Tray application) is started after a successful installation in the user context.
0Notifier will not start after installation.
CREATE_DESKTOPSHORTCUTS1 (default)A desktop shortcut is created for all users.
 0No desktop shortcut is created.

Portable installer (exe):

Deon_Windows-x64_2.9.XX.XXX{HOSTNAME}.exe -silent -noRun -acceptEula -noDesktopShortcut

The hostname (server name) can be inserted in the filename in curly braces. This is optional.

-silentOnly minimal UI will show up during installation.
noRun After the installation DEON will not start automatically.
-acceptEula EULA will not be shown during the installation.
-noDesktopShortcutNo desktop shortcut will be created.
(Available in version 2.9.1699 and higher)