How to change the server

If you don’t change the server frequently, it is best to choose one the following two options:

  • Option A: Logout by clicking your name in the top left corner of the DEON Homescreen and choose “logout” from the dropdown menu. The login screen will appear.
    At the bottom of the login screen click on the server name to change it.
    NOTE: If “logout” doesn’t appear please choose another option as described below.
  • Option B: Open the settings (click the gear icon in the top left corner) and go to “Connectivity”/”Server name”. Then click the button “Change” to edit the server.

If you like to switch between multiple servers frequently, the most convenient way is to create additional DEON Shortcuts, which will start DEON directly with the connection to a certain server. You will need to have a valid account (Username/Password) for each server of course.
Please note that DEON will start in single instance mode in this case. That means, if you open a Project, the Homescreen with your Project list will disappear and only appear when you close the Project or when you open a new instance by doubleclicking the DEON Shortcut once more.
We recommend to use Direct Server-Shortcuts for servers which you use from time to time and to use the option above for the server you use most of the time. The Homescreen for that server will then be always available.

  1. Duplicate (e.g. by copy/paste) your existing shortcut which you currently use to start DEON
  2. Rightclick the new shortcut and edit its Target field. Append the line with -server followed by the servername (e.g.
  3. Your new Target might look like this:
  4. Start DEON by doubleclicking this new shortcut and login with the proper credentials.

You can find more commandline parameters here: