Commandline parameters

DEON can be started with the following commandline parameters:

Starts DEON in Pad-Mode. A very reduced interface for workshop participants.
C:\Program Files\Deon\Deon.exe -pad

C:\Program Files\Deon\Deon.exe -server
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-url <Project-URL>
Loads a specific Project on startup.
“C:\Program Files\Deon\Deon.exe” -url
Note: The Project-URL can also target certain items inside a Project. The Project will then automatically zoom to these items after loading. Check here how you can get the Project-URL.

Starts DEON in Presentationmode, loads the topmost Presentationpath from the beginning and starts it automatically.

(Use in combination with -url)
Puts DEON in fullscreen without UI after loading the Project

Allows you to start multiple independent instances of DEON. This is especially helpful if you want to use different versions of DEON in parallel. Without this parameter DEON would use a spare process of an already running instance instead of starting a new one.
With -multi DEON will start without a persistant Homescreen and without the System Tray icon.
To leave the Project and get back to the Homescreen you have to click the “Home” button in the top left corner of the Project Toolbar.
When opening a Project from that Homescreen, the Homescreen will disappear.
To open multiple Projects at the same time in this mode, you have to start additional DEON instances.

Changes in a Project won’t be highlighted after the Project is loaded.
Note: Works only if a certain project is loaded by using the -url parameter.

Activates tracing to collect log data.
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-multi -domain <domainname>